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Web Survey Software

The Magic Survey Tool platform empowers you and your organization to seamlessly gather online feedback from customers and employees in a simple and streamlined manner. You can easily create and host any type of survey for any type of respondent with a nominal amount of set up time and no technical knowledge. The Magic Survey Tool online web survey software application delivers unmatched data collection and analysis capabilities to your fingertips.

Our cost effective web based software will allow you and your organization to quickly deploy online surveys to without the need for a technical department. By utilizing our hosted web survey software you can customize a survey in a matter of minutes. The Magic Survey Tool platform provides you with the ability to create customized surveys, distribute them over the internet, and analyze the results automatically and in real time. You can have the data you need to make an informed decision when you need it.

The Magic Survey Tool web based software provides you with the most advanced feature set available on the market but packaged in an easy to use and streamlined interface that provides maximum efficiency. We beat the price of our competitors while providing a more robust solution to you and your organization. Our goal is to provide you with the best web survey software at the best price.

Our web based software provides you with information that you need to understand the mindset of your respondents, This data can give you rapid feedback on new products and services so that you can make adjustments to them. if they are needed. Knowing what your customers think can be the way to achieve your goals.

Why Use Online WebSurvey?

MagicSurveyTool is a comprehensive and effective web survey service for anyone who wants to know what his customers’ views on his products and services are, packed with multiple features which make it fully customizable to meet most needs.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive – MagicSurveyTool can help you create surveys with both quantitative and qualitative questions, which suit your specific requirements.

  • Flexibility – You can integrate online web surveys with your logo, monitor its progress and extend it or even repeat it next year or next month.  

  • Cost-efficient – Get instant access to our best web survey tool which is a cost-effective. MagicSurveyTool program. A onetime investment with features that can be customized to specific survey requirements ensuring that the survey process remains efficient.

  • Have The Experience – With over a decade of experience providing the tools that allow businesses to ascertain their customers wants and needs, we have the experience and tools to get you the information you need to achieve your goals..

  • Fast And Easy Online Process – We can create as well as launch your web survey online quickly and efficiently.

How Web Survey Software Works

With MagicSurveyTool, you can conduct a survey in 3 easy steps:

  • Create a survey by formulating a questionnaire with the help of different question types and various survey templates available in our extensive library.
  • Deploy the survey link by using web resources or by sending emails to respondents identified from the targeted audience(customers).
  • Receive responses and analyze them to prepare reports and use the results to make informed management decisions.

Advanced Web-Based Survey Tools

Internet resources are available to assist you in determining how to construct the kind of survey you need to obtain the information you want. With the Magic survey tools library of questions and templates any business can obtain the design for a survey which will provide the needed information.

Following are some of the features of the web survey tool:

  • Ease of creation with our web survey tool
  • Multiple question types available
  • Limits can be placed on the number of surveys, questions or responses
  • Report formats are available
  • Surveys are customizable with our web survey tool

Web Based Survey

Online surveys have become a valuable tool for today’s business to respond to changing trends in the market, elicit suggestions from current clients or customers and make decisions about the future with hard data and not just a hunch. With response to web based surveys much higher than traditional pencil and paper ones, all you need is an email address to deploy this valuable business tool.

Rely upon the expertise that the Magic Survey Tool has developed to produce a meaningful survey that will provide your business with the information you need to make an informed decision. Your job in producing a meaningful survey will be made easier by the tolls that are available with our library of questions and templates.

Measure the success of your customer service with our website survey tool!, contact us by applying for a free quote.