When you decide upon your target client and advertise keeping them in mind, you also want to know if that advertising and your strategies are working or not. This is where better understanding of those people plays a role and thus asking these people some business and website related questions becomes important.  The Magic Survey tool is an effective way for you to generate the kind of questionnaires and surveys which can provide that information for you.

 In order to conduct any survey the purpose or the goal of the survey should be very clear. Clearer focus produces better results. With Magic survey tool creating a sample survey is easy and allows you to sample results before deploying the finished product.

What is Open Ended and Closed Ended questions?

For all the survey types, there are open ended question and close ended questions. Open ended questions have no definite answer close ended question have a limited number of answers already given and the subject has to choose one or more from them.

Open Ended Questions

  • Comments Box: This type of question is used when one wants an answer in length. The answer is typed in a multi lined box.
  • Constant Sum: Here the respondent has to give answers in numbers that total up to 100.
  • Number: Here you get the responses in numbers. Survey sets set parameters, the smallest or the largest value that is acceptable.
  • One Line: The respondents are given a one line text space. This can be used when only two to three words are desired. It is possible to specify the characters that are required
  • One or More Lines: The response here consists of one or two lines. You can mention your criteria or the characters needed.
  • Ranking: Here the response must start form the number 1 rank. The subjects rank the items listed.

Closed Ended Questions

  • Multiple Choice Questions: The respondents are asked to select single or multiple choices given by ticking the checkbox. The maximum selection can be set.
  • One Answer: Respondents are allowed to select any one item of the given items by clicking on the dropdown menu.
  • One Answer: The respondents are allowed to select one from the choices by clicking on the option button.
  • True/False: Subject has to respond in either true or false. It can be an option buttons or dropdown menu.
  • Yes/No: Again the respondents have to select yes or no. It can be option buttons or dropdown menu.