By using Magicsurveytool, conducting surveys of any type via the web is a snap, as it’s a totally web based survey tool environment. The environment provides an interactive wizard based interface through which dynamic surveys can be quickly created, can also include a built-in emailing system for carrying out email surveys. The survey tools included within Magicsurveytool make this possible making the process of carrying out mass marketing surveys very simple.

The main advantages of the survey tools included are:.

Collect precise and high quality data

The survey tools help in gathering precise, reliable, and accurate information from the respondent to the survey. Magicsurveytool provides several report based analysis features that are robust, and very easy to use, for analyzing the feedback or data provided by the respondent. The importance of effective and reliable survey to produce quality reports, is dependent on the raw data collected from the respondent and must be meaningful, precise, and of good quality. Magicsurveytool helps in collecting good quality and meaningful data.

Analyze and view meaningful survey data through graphs and charts

Collect data in the exact manner required using survey tools, and analyze the data collected from respondents using bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and even area charts. The extensive graphing and charting features of Magicsurveytool make data analysis a simple and straightforward process, and important results can be observed “at a glance”. What’s more, all the graphs and charts can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and other word-processing applications.

Comparison of groups and segments

The user friendly and easy to read comparison reports enable management to find out, and compare how the different categories or groups of respondents have answered the survey questions. The survey tools help in obtaining precise textual as well as numeric information from the respondent, and this helps in determining what a particular segment of the market feels, or have to say, about the product or the service.

Create customized reports and presentations

Generate result oriented, attractive, and effective Flash based custom reports based upon the data collected using survey tools.

Publish reports and results

The survey results can be published to a web URL, or even be sent to many individuals through mass email provided by the environment.

The Need for a Survey Tool

Online surveys are critical when a company or firm wants to know how its products or services are faring in the market, and also in finding out how to improve upon them. One way of improving upon the products and services is by increasing the efficiency levels of the production plans, getting better performance from the marketing team, and getting valuable contributions from the research and development team. It has been proved that satisfied employees contribute more, and this can lead to better profit margins for the company. So employee surveys are important. Companies are ready to spend money to find out how the employees feel, and what can be done to get more productive work from them. Magicsurveytool can play a vital role in carrying out the employee surveys, since the survey tool library included in the environment helps in getting the exact information from employees with complete anonymity if that is desired.

Features of Survey Tools

A good quality online survey tool helps in easily defining the survey questions, and in getting to-the-point responses through an online interface. Some of the features of the survey tools are.

Dynamic and flexible surveys

Surveys should exhibit what they stand for, and try to promote the company or firm, as important information is gathered from the respondents and employees. Survey tools determine how successful the survey is going to be. Magicsurveytool package allows setting dynamic templates and updating various features such as colors, font, and header graphics to make the survey more compatible and flexible in nature, making it easy to promote the company along with the survey.

Skipping logic

While designing complex surveys, at times it becomes necessary to skip an entire section consisting of questions that don’t apply. Magicsurveytool supports “skip logic” which allows the user to define and skip certain portions or sections of the survey that are not applicable to the particular respondent participating in the survey.


Respondents usually don’t like to spend more time answering survey questions, nor do they like to type in similar information over and over again. That’s where “piping” facility comes in. Magicsurveytool provides easy to use piping features which “call” previously typed in survey details from different parts of the survey. This reduces the typing activity to a bare minimum. Advanced features also include combining “skip logic” along with “piping” facility to further customize the surveys, and reduce the respondent’s usage of the keyboard, thus saving time.

Randomized response

Surveys typically include a list of questions. By changing the order of the questions within the list, or a set of answers for a given question, it’s possible to conduct the same survey many times, and get different sets of feedbacks from the audience. This is sometimes necessary when the company or the firm wants to be absolutely sure about the survey results, and feels that one particular survey is not sufficient, or not carried out in the required depth, and needs to be repeated. Magicsurveytool offers features, which automatically randomize the survey parts and make it possible to conduct multiple surveys with the same set of survey parameters.

Website support and integration

Many packages create surveys using their own web page. Magicsurveytool provides features, which support “white labeled hosting” services and customized survey software development for our users as per requirement.

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