In business, it’s essential to “listen” to the customers, and find out what they think about your products or services. It’s important to understand the customers’ desires as well as needs, and find out when they are likely to buy your product. To know this surveys are required. Survey software is a specialized software program, which collects information or data on a particular topic in the form of reviews or feedback from the customer. Once the feedback is obtained, the information can be used for generating marketing related reports in many ways and formats. The main reasons why surveys are needed are:

  • Gain a better understanding of potential buyers’ interests and needs, and use the information to improvise upon the product or services. This increases the marketing potential.

  • Discover new or non-targeted market areas or segments where it’s possible to sell your product in larger numbers, and thus increase the profits.

  • Spotting possible pitfalls and negative market trends to avoid losses, and redefine market definition.

Benefits of Survey Software

Many advantages make Magicsurveytool the most likely “survey software” pick, and the advantages include:

  • Save time and money :Time is money, so time saved is money saved too. Magicsurveytool is easy to use, so the user saves time in creating and deploying surveys. Since the survey tool can be used to quickly get the respondent’s feedback time is also saved. The online survey software service offers fast survey creation and results, which make it easy for a business organization to respond to market conditions.
  • Get quality feedback:The question types supported by Magicsurveytool are unique and help in gathering quality data from the respondent. Quality feedback helps in better reports and effective market analysis. And timely analysis helps the company or firm in generating higher profits.
  • Dynamic online surveys:The net plays an important part in everybody’s life since more and more people remain “online” for various reasons. Magicsurveytool makes online surveys a basic need for market research companies, since surveys carried out through Magicsurveytool,can be made unique and essential.

Benefits of Survey Software

The main goal of Magicsurveytool from the beginning was to develop an environment capable of creating the most complex of surveys, and still maintain the simplicity of usage. Magicsurveytool supports many advantageous features which help in creating highly flexible and dynamic surveys, and which help to gather quality feedback from the survey respondents. Getting quality reviews is important, because the more precise the review, the more the associated information will be precise, and that precision is required in generating effective marketing reports.

Some of the main features are:

Easy to understand, learn, and use, Magicsurveytool uses a familiar point and click survey design. Its operation and set-up is intuitive, and does not require any special efforts or training. The environment is very simple, yet powerful. Advanced features can be easily accessed, and powerful question types used to create dynamic online surveys. A step-by-step instructional manual helps in understanding the finer points.

Improved response rates

The survey software features include automatic email reminders, easy survey submission, and many other features designed to get quicker responses, improving upon the response rates.

Flexible and robust survey design

Magicsurveytool supports many kinds of surveys, and offers an easy to use interface, which makes generating complex, surveys a simple activity. The entire system operates on a “point and click” basis, and creating attractive questionnaires can be as simple as drawing it on a white board.

Dynamic and powerful reports and analysis

Magicsurveytool does more than create good quality surveys, it offers an entire survey development template suite, through which information can be collected to generate customized survey reports. The reports include graphs, tables, statistics, cross tabulations, and the reports can be dynamically updated, based upon fresh reviews. The quality of reports provides information that can aid in decision making.

Deployment and panel management

Magicsurveytool offers several modes of submitting the surveys to the audience. The modes supported are links, anchor tags, and emails. The panels can be tracked so it’s possible to know who responded to the surveys, and how often.

Complex or advanced surveys

For advanced or more complex survey generation, Magicsurveytool offers capabilities that make even the most complicated tasks simple. Predefined templates and questionnaires present a skeleton structure for creation of new surveys. The user does not need to start from scratch, and need only change a few demographic values in the template to complete the survey creation.

Enterprise support features

Enterprise requirements vary, and Magicsurveytool offers root solutions by allowing the user to create customized question types, that cater to almost all complex needs. It’s also possible to share the surveys and reports among different departments or sections of the company.

Create your own look and feel

Create the surveys to suit your individual needs. It’s possible to add logos, company banners and other features, that can make the survey look “personal”, and not a typical computer generated survey.

Secure infrastructure

while deploying surveys, and getting the reviews from the respondents, it’s possible to employ secured transmission technology which makes the transmission of data safe and secure. The entire Magicsurveytool environment is secure and provides for the creation of user groups.

MagicSurveyTool can help you

With many years of survey related experience and many users, Magicsurveytool provides state of the art survey software and research related services, which can be customized to your specific needs. It’s possible to configure the entire environment to suit the user’s requirements through customization. A good service support ensures all your queries are properly answered, and in case of complex problems, the development team can directly communicate with the user and provide solutions.