Our Services

With MagicSurveyTool, users can create customer or employee satisfaction surveys; undertake exit polls, get feedback from customers or employees and much more…
MagicSurveyTool provides a customizable solution for those who want to run the application on their company’s server and domain.
We can provide other value added services contact us for a free quote

Our Value-Added Services

Create and Manage Survey

Get help for creating and managing your survey. MagicSurveyTool can assist you to manage the entire survey process or a part of it. Contact us for a free quote.

Writing Questions for Survey

Get help to plan a survey including question writing. Our team of experts is ready to assist with numerous survey templates to choose from.

Survey Template Design

Get customized survey designs for your company. We have an in-house graphics team which can create a graphic skin that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your survey.

Custom Survey Domain

Get help for registering and managing a custom domain name to link with your survey if you need a web address specifically for the survey.

Data Entry

Get help entering all survey data send us your survey questions via email so that we can upload them for you.

Customer Support and Training

Get support services 24/7, throughout the year by contacting us online or by calling our toll free support.