Introduction of Questionnaire Survey

Questionnaire type surveys are some of the most popular data gathering tools used in order to ascertain people’s knowledge or opinion about a given subject. Questions are usually of two types open or closed. Closed questions which lend themselves best to the written questionnaire format can be arranged so that a series of choices are selected to provide data for research. The answer chosen informs of the opinion of those questioned. Open questions do not have a list of choices but elicit responses that are more suited to an interview format. The open ended question format, while providing more anecdotal information, is more time consuming and requires a skilled interviewer to obtain the best results. The analysis of the results of the interview format can also be more time consuming to analyze and interpret.

Online Questionnaires

One of the biggest advantages of the internet is its help in conducting the survey through online questionnaires. Magic Survey Tool assists its user by providing them with simple online surveys. These surveys are easy to understand and respond to. There is no need to install any new software on the computer. One can customize the survey, distribute it among the targeted respondents, and analyze the results.

Questionnaire Templates

Magic Survey Tool has an extensive library of questionnaire templates. One can even customize this library and add templates to it. Different sets of questionnaires can be designed on the basis of availability of these templates. No knowledge of programming language is needed to use the questionnaire templates. A simple click on these questionnaire templates and you will get a set of related questions.

Employee Questionnaire

With the help of Magic Survey Tool, one can easily design an Employee questionnaire and conduct employee surveys on nearly every aspect of human resources and personnel department issues and concerns.

Business Questionnaire

The business questionnaire is designed to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Various aspects such as sales, marketing, directors and business strategy, effectiveness of teamwork, accounts and finance, operation, systems, process, employee satisfaction are taken into consideration in the Business questionnaire.

MagicSurveyTool - Creating a Questionnaire

The magic survey tool has made the task of creating a questionnaire much easier. The flexibility of the questionnaire templates makes the drafting of the questionnaire very easy work. The Magic Survey Tool makes drafting a questionnaire that is easy to respond to, simple!

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