Online Survey Software

MagicSurveyTool offers you online survey tools and survey software. Its easy to create a professional survey and run it on your website with Magicsurveytool's online survey software. It just takes a few minutes to create and run a customer satisfaction surveys. Quickly installed software and easy to follow directions to create a new survey makes it easy to operate and obtain the information you need.

The MagicSurveyTool will give you the ability to assess the mindset of your customers. Surveys that can allow you to better understand and predict the success of your products and services. Customer satisfaction surveys which can be created, allow you to get direct feedback from your customers permitting a business to accurately gauge it’s performance and seek opportunities for growth and improvement.

Survey Steps

Employee Survey Software

HR decisions, employee morale surveys and job satisfaction can all be evaluated with a carefully constructed employee questionnaire which you can construct using the Magic Survey Tool software. Measuring the climate of an organization and weighing what is satisfying and what areas need work can be an important step in increasing productivity, improving profits and reducing employee turnover.

Companies that have taken time to weigh the opinions and ideas of their employees can frequently profit from the collegial atmosphere which an effort to improve communication can result in.

Create your Survey

  • Create your survey using our EASY online survey software.
  • Create your survey from scratch with our Start-to-finish Survey Creation Wizard system - or - Choose from our extensive template library with over 240 customizable survey templates.
  • Create your survey with the help of our in-house survey consultants.

Deploy Survey

  • Decide on the audience for your survey.
  • Assemble the questions you want answered.
  • Focus the survey on the groups you wish to query.

Distribute Survey

  • Send the survey to those you wish to query.
  • Determine a time period for the survey.
  • Check your returns and modify the survey or extend the time if needed.

Collect Data & Analyze

  • Collect the survey data and tabulate.
  • Determine if you received a large enough sample.
  • Analyze data with the help of MagicSurveyTool.