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If you are seeking an effective and cost-efficient online survey software tool, MagicSurveyTool could be your best option. With fully customizable features, the web application has been specifically designed to allow users to create and conduct market research surveys fast and easily. No installation of software is necessary as this open source software is accessed via the internet. The application’s simple interface makes it easy for researchers to design surveys quickly as well as sending survey links to respondents via emails or by posting on message boards. Publish surveys or survey results on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All with desirable features included at a price which is economical for a program of this type.

What is Online Survey Software?

Magic Survey gives you the most powerful online survey software and it’s easy to handle. Magic Survey makes it possible for you to create and manage the surveys in more than one. For both the simplest and the most complex of surveys, we have the apt online survey software. Reasonable cost, with no software to download or maintain the Magic Survey Tool provides you with the perfect solution.

Online Survey Software - We Different from others

The days are long passed when you got your information through phone solicitors and junk mails. Today the process of data collection is more focused than ever. Any organization that needs information about its market and customers can use the Magic Survey Tool to obtain such information with greater efficiency, speed and actionable results for decision making.

The power and efficacy of surveys are not in doubt, it has been the ease of administration and cost which have been questioned. With Magic Survey tool, those concerns are laid to rest.

The Most Powerful and Intelligent - Online Survey Software

MagicSurveyTool’s multi-featured open source online survey software application can create innumerable surveys with a onetime investment. Get a practical demonstration to show how it works right now!

Need to buy some good website survey software? This one has an array of easily customizable features, a user-friendly interface, plenty of question types to choose from and much more.

With Magicsurveytool’s online survey software, you can:

  • With our wizard application making surveys is easy.
  • No need to downloading any software; all you need is an internet connection.
  • The software is browser-accessible.
  • Keep your survey results confidential with the security functions.
  • Add your logo and brand your online surveys.
  • Analyze survey respondent data.
  • Create an online survey in minutes.
  • Flexible API.
  • Logical CSS for custom styling.
  • Post surveys on the web.
  • Securely publish your data to the web.
  • Generate eye-catching graphs and charts.
  • Send surveys via email to respondents.
  • Solution specific plug-ins.
  • Tabbed surveys for easier respondent navigation
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