Create Online Employee Surveys to Know What They Think About The Company

A company’s success can be gauged by its employees’ attitude as well as their motivation to work. In successful companies, where emotional bonding of employees is strong, the level of commitment is higher and this has an impact on absenteeism, turnover rate, overall working efficiency as well as productivity, these factors may also determine a firm’s ability to withstand crisis situations.

One way of assessing such crucial factors is to conduct online employee surveys at regular intervals. Such a move may enable an employer to discern:

  • How employees rate their company
  • How employees assess customer’s view point
  • If employees are satisfied with the overall work environment
  • How committed and motivated employees are
  • Whether employees will offer suggestions for improvements

By conducting employee’ surveys regularly it is possible to get answers to all such questions and determine the level of satisfaction at that time.. Any conclusions must be a balanced view that compares needs with expectations and how they are met in the workplace. No action can be taken to change the environment until some satisfaction survey has been administered.   

Employee Survey Software

One of the major problems faced by almost all companies today is saving money, while not losing good workers. This key issue is faced by many business owners and managers. Employee surveys provide accurate information related to those metrics, information that is:

  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Honest
  • Flexible
  • Immediately useful

Reliable and effective data will help the good manager to make changes after fully understanding the problems which employees face and how they would prioritize them. In many work environments, the idea that employees will freely discuss their feelings about, and problems that they perceive in their workplace, is a vain hope. The Magic survey tool can provide the means of assessing the workplace environment in a manner that allows the employee to give feedback anonymously while providing the manager with the necessary data to make improvements in the workplace environment.

Need of Employee Survey Tools

Employee surveys can play a critical part in deciding the future of a company or firm. Organizations need employee surveys and using Magicsurveytool employee survey software and tools can go a long way in maintaining a satisfied and productive employee base:

Employees need a voice

  • Regardless of their contribution, or what kind of role they play in the organization, employees should be acknowledged, and their problems ought to be heard. It’s important for the employees to feel recognized and valued, and the contributions made by them to the company should be reciprocated. Employees should feel that they have a “voice”. Employee surveys carried out through Magicsurveytool help in representing what the average employee feels about the company and up to what extent he or she is satisfied with the working conditions.
  • Employee surveys provide highly confidential means through which employees can respond to, and anonymously convey what they feel about various issues. Surveys can be conducted to preserve anonymity.
  • Magicsurveytool makes it possible to design and conduct surveys that serve particular needs, or customize the surveys for different departments and levels of responsibility in the company. Irrespective of company size, whether it’s a local company, or has a global presence, employee surveys can facilitate interactive dialogs between the employees and management

Get A Cost-Effective Employee Survey Tool To Boost Productivity & Profitability

  • A company is known by its workforce and all human resource professionals are aware of this fact. So the need for getting employee feedback assumes significance as their suggestions may prove to be useful for improving the work environment.
  • If managers read employees’ minds, it might result in higher rates of retention, enhanced productivity, lower absenteeism, improved customer services and much better morale. Failing that, an employee survey tool that allows the good manager to learn what his employees are thinking and which issues are uppermost in their minds is invaluable.
  • Most of the innovative and profitable companies like Microsoft and Google regularly invite and solicit employee viewpoints and ideas.
  • A majority of the lucrative business plans, and successful consumer products are a result of employee contribution. To benefit from employee participation the company needs to conduct positive and effective employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Magicsurveytool helps in gathering convenient and cost effective employee input which can capitalize upon the human resources that are available in the work force.

Restrict attrition and develop loyalty

  • Replacing existing workers with new ones can be expensive, approximately 150 percent of an average employee’s base salary, and often involves spending significant time for training purposes, and educating the new employee on company policies.
  • Filling empty work positions can eventually cost as much as 180-225 percent, if factors such as negative impact upon the company’s morale, productivity, or valued customer relationships are to be considered.

Magicsurveytool employee satisfaction surveys provide the necessary insight in making proper choices, which can cultivate loyalty as well as job satisfaction, and simultaneously help individuals within the organization attain their career goals. It not only saves money, but also ensures the sustainability of a strong, cohesive workforce for the future.

Features of the Employee Satisfaction Survey

Human resources personnel try to recruit the best employees for the company, and put in great effort to retain and optimize the workforce for greater productivity. Depending upon the company HR policies, employee surveys are often necessary to find out and determine the success of various programs supported by the company, and also in identifying certain areas for improvement. The employee attitude and opinions play a big role in setting up a productive and conducive environment, and in determining what is needed in certain areas like employee benefits. –Determining the employee’s desire, and whether they are satisfied with what they are provided by the organization. Can be tracked by conducting employee surveys.

Magicsurveytool employee survey software offers several beneficial features such as:

  • Why do employees resign or leave — check for trends and if they exist, find a solution for them.
  • Get feedback from employees to find out which benefits employees find the most before changing existing benefits.
  • Find the level of loyalty an employee has with the company, and what kind of pride the employee possesses in working for the company.
  • Conduct web-based survey evaluations to improve employee performance.
  • Find out and gather ideas on improving existing workforce, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of employee performance.
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