Email Survey Software – To Get Accurate Results for All Your Research Needs

Conducting email surveys is more effective, more economical and will elicit a greater response than traditional surveys. In the case of email surveys, the email survey software automatically inserts an active link within the email, and the respondent is redirected to the survey page by “clicking on” the link. The survey information is stored on a server. The data is collected and stored in a completely secure manner, and is available only to the survey administrator. Magicsurveytool is a web-based environment for conducting online email surveys. The process is very simple, and through it, it is possible to build email surveys using the wizard interface.

  • Send unlimited invitations to respondents or survey participants through the integrated email survey tools.
  • Automatically view accurate and precise survey reports online.
  • Save time and money using email surveys because the process is very cost effective.

The Need for an Email Survey Tool

Getting feedback from consumers is important; Email surveys play an important part in getting information that translates into actionable data for a business. The main types of email surveys supported by Magicsurveytool are:

  • Text-Based Email Surveys
  • A text-based survey resembles a standard text-based e-mail message, which can be easily read by accessing or opening the e-mail. Text surveys do not depend upon specific systems, and support various platforms like Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, Macintosh, OS/2, Unix, in addition to any other platform capable of receiving emails. In addition, the text-based surveys are also supported by all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Netscape Navigator, etc.

  • Web-Based Email Surveys
  • A web-based survey is sent as a separate web-based URL or link, and is more visually appealing. The email survey supports various objects such as drop-down boxes, simple and graphical radio buttons, fonts, images, and graphics, which all add to the appearance, and make the interaction with the survey easy. It’s also possible to randomize the question list, set the “skip” and “hit” patterns, and even display the company logo. The options help in generating pleasing, professional looking surveys through a survey template which is dynamic in nature, and helps in getting the desired results.

Both the types of email surveys are effective, but they have their own usage, depending upon the extent and the nature of the survey to be carried out. In both the cases one thing remains common – they help in generating the highest response rates, and they are very cost-effective to conduct, as compared to other traditional methods of carrying out surveys. Magicsurveytool offers email survey software that’s dynamic, user friendly, and highly cost effective.

With Magicsurveytool it’s possible to:

  • Target the audience list based upon existing e-mail address lists and email templates.
  • Tailor the surveys to target a portion, or a section of the entire address list or the template.
  • Include respondent specific details into each survey such as the name, title, and personalized greeting to ensure a positive, friendly, and personal survey.

Features of Email Survey Software

By conducting email surveys, it’s possible to reach the target audience directly, and Magicsurveytool’s unique web-based interface makes it simple for the respondents to answer quickly, with minimum effort. The email survey system works in a synchronized manner with all popular browsers, and sends out surveys in HTML format. All respondents having an e-mail program supporting HTML can view and respond to the survey. The information provided by the respondent is then transmitted to a pre-defined e-mail address. The other features are:

  • Personalize the email surveys with email templates and email address lists.
  • Define fonts, the font colors, font attributes such as background colors, style, etc supported by email environment.
  • Define customized “Welcome” and “Thank You” messages.
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