Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey at Low Cost

Efficient customer satisfaction survey tools help you to reach a targeted audience or customers and know what their views about your products and services are and what they expect from the company. By reaching out to the right people who will respond to your surveys, you can get desired customer satisfaction feedback necessary to boost business productivity.

MagicSurveyTool can be effectively utilized to multiple surveys annually at minimal costs to study levels of customer satisfaction. The program is a onetime investment which is packed with features that are fully customizable to the specific survey needs and requirements of contemporary business processes.

What is Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The customer satisfaction is of prime importance because a business starts and ends with the customer. The customer satisfaction survey is the thermometer for the success of the product or the services provided by the company. Today is an age of products and services tailored to meet customer satisfaction. The customer surveys can not only reveal what sort of products or services should be launched by the company but how their current product or service line is serving those who use it.

There are different ways to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. One is the traditional way and the other is based on the internet and called an online customer survey.

The traditional way of conducting the customer survey is again segregated into three types.

  • Face-to-face: In this sort of customer survey, the customer is approached and a feedback is sought by usually asking closed ended questions.
  • The phone call: The customer satisfaction survey can also be conducted through telephonic interview. In this type of customer survey, the interviewer need not travel and reach the interviewee to seek the feedback.
  • Mailed questionnaire: In this sort of customer survey, a questionnaire is mailed to the prospective respondents. The respondents can respond to the questionnaire at their own convenience.

Why Conduct A Customer Service Satisfaction Survey?

  • Enhance your profit.
  • Show commitment to the customers.
  • Get feedback from customers about services, products, etc.
  • Improve quality of service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction as well as retention.
  • Increase market share.
  • Increase repeat business.
  • Know where your company stands in comparison with competitors.
  • Measure as well as compensate the sales organization.
  • Get crucial information on product developments, requirements and priorities.
  • Get input on new services and products.
  • Provide an opportunity for unsatisfied customers to vent.
  • Target some important resources on issues of concern to your customers.

Customer Surveys – Past vs. present

The traditional ways of conducting the market surveys are becoming obsolete and being replaced by the online customer surveys. The main advantages of online customer surveys are that it saves time and money. The online customer surveys are more comfortable for the respondents.

Customer Survey – How we can help

Magic Survey Tool is a company that offers one of the best online customer satisfaction surveys. This survey takes into consideration all the facets of customer satisfaction. Magic Survey System is a reliable way for knowing the pulse of the market.

Take Advantage of Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys to Measure Your Success

  • The MST’s customer satisfaction survey can be industry specific.
  • Our survey has features that can make customers believe that the company is specially listening to them.
  • The company profits increase by manufacturing the products according the customer’s needs.
  • Quality of services can be improved.
  • The company gets feedback about the performance of the product and services in the market.
  • Customer retention can be increased.
  • The market share can be increased.
  • The referral market and repeat business can be increased.
  • The customer survey provides information on the performance of competitors in the market.
  • The performance of the sales force can be measured in quantitative terms.
  • The analysis and findings of the customer satisfaction survey can give direction to product priorities, developments, and requirements.
  • The customer can indicate the need of new services and products in the market.
  • The MST’s customer satisfaction survey serves as a platform to express dissatisfaction and anger revealing problems which can be addressed.
  • The customer survey can highlight the customer’s issues of concern.

Get Help With One of the Best Online Customer Survey Tools

Create effective customer satisfaction surveys online using our survey software. MagicSurveyTool user friendly interface will allow you to design as well as launch your own survey in just a few minutes. You can create your own custom themes and add your company’s logo to give a corporate look to the survey.

With MagicSurveyTool, you will get,

  • Customer Service Questionnaire
  • Customer Feedback
  • Service/Product Satisfaction Survey
  • Market Research Survey
To know more about an Online Customer Satisfaction Survey, contact us by applying for a free quote.